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SAICE complies with its Privacy Policy.

SAICE Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “SAICE”) will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in respect to personal information and use its best efforts to safeguard customer personal information in accordance with certain fundamental policies described below, so that SAICE can recognize the importance of, and safeguard, such personal information to earn customer trust.

Revised on March 27, 2006
Established on February 1, 2005
SAICE Corporation
Kazuhiko Ito, CEO


1. Measures for management
SAICE will, in accordance with the provisions for safeguarding personal information, which may be separately prescribed by SAICE, strictly safeguard customer personal information by giving complete education to our employees, who are responsible for treating personal information, as well as establishing and operating our internal administrative system.

2. Collecting personal information
In order for SAICE to provide customers with the medical database system service, SAICE may collect personal information in respect to medical persons or patients, which is necessary for effective operation of the system.
Collecting personal information is subject to the prior approval of the owner of such personal information, who is well informed about the purposes of the information collection.

3. Use and provision of personal information
All personal information collected for operating the medical database system is secured and recorded as a database with all security measures being used for the system to be operated normally.
All personal information collected by SAICE will be used solely for developing, operating and maintaining the system and will not be used for any business other than that which is related to the system.
Unless otherwise justified, SAICE will not disclose or provide any customer personal information to any third parties, excluding outsourcee companies and affiliates.

4. Outsourcing for the treatment of personal information
All personal information provided to outsourcee companies or affiliates will be kept safe. SAICE will select outsourcee companies, which in our opinion, will properly treat the personal information and will prescribe any and all terms and conditions in its consignment contract that may require proper management and confidentiality of any customer personal information. SAICE will prohibit the selected outsourcee companies from making any transfer to prevent leakage, and will cause the outsourcee companies to implement proper management.

5. Proper management of personal information
In order to secure the correctness and safety of personal information, SAICE will use its best efforts to keep personal information correct and updated, and to safeguard the personal information against illicit access, loss, damage, tampering or leakage for any personal information held by SAICE, by taking security measures as may be necessary and appropriate. Any personal information provided to SAICE, which becomes useless, will be deleted or destroyed as soon as possible.

6. Responsibilities for personnel involved in the treatment of personal information
Employees who treat or have treated personal information may not disclose to others such information acquired in the course of business nor may they use the information for any unlawful purpose.

7. Corporate privacy professional
A corporate privacy professional to properly manage the personal information will be appointed by SAICE. Such corporate privacy professional will define the duties and responsibilities of employees engaged in personal information treatment to properly manage personal information.

8. Continuous improvement for safeguarding personal information
SAICE will continuously review its efforts to safeguard personal information and seek improvements.


Contact us

For any confirmation, request, or inquiry relating to our treatment of your personal information that you provided to us, please contact us:

SAICE Personal Information Consultation Desk
【tel/fax】 tel: 03(5789)3030 / fax: 03(5789)3033
Phone hours: Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays and SAICE holidays) 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

About the Privacy Mark

privacy_policyAs of March 23 2007, SAICE Corporation acquired the Privacy Mark, which is conferred by Japan Information Processing Development Corporation upon business entities that treat personal information properly.
SAICE will make greater efforts as a unit to precisely treat customer personal information at hand to safeguard it.